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The Canadian Kennel Club recognizes three colours of Labs; black, yellow and chocolate.

The blacks were the original colour of lab. They were the foundation of the yellow and the chocolate Labs. 

Yellows can range in shades from light cream to fox red. 

In the early 1920’s, the fox red colour was in fact the original yellow shade. 

The fox red seemed to disappear as breeders began producing lighter yellows. In the early 1980’s, the reds became known again, but most people today think that they are their own colour, apart from yellow. 

The chocolate labs became established in the 1930’s. The colour can range from light to dark chocolate.

 Many people today have heard myths about the chocolates. Some question if the chocolates are more hyper or crazy, others question their intelligence. But these myths, in our opinion, are not true. The intelligence and temperament of any lab, comes down from their lineage and of course training from its owner. It does not factor on what colour their coat is.