Valerie, Brian, and Malloy
Granddaughter Brianna helping with the dogs.
We have lots of fun here at Cooperslane.  We have 50 acres situated 5 miles from the Luther Marsh which is very convenient for training our dogs.  Our dogs also love the freedom of running and playing.  

While we do have a kennel set-up, we rotate our male dogs into the house with us. This way we can enjoy them, they love the extra attention and they are also taught 'house manners'. For our females, we have a fostering program. They live full time with their foster families as family pets and come back to us when they are in season and to have their puppies. When they retire from the breeding program, they retire with their foster family.

All expectant mothers are brought into the house 10 days before whelping to be catered to.  The pups are born in the house and stay in until they are four weeks old.  Then we move them to our heated / air conditioned kennel.  There they are socialized in the busy atmosphere of the other dogs and visitors to the kennel.
Grandson Noah, helping 'feed' the pups...
Several Cooperslane pups are currently in training or have trained and graduated as service dogs with Autism Dog Services.

October 5, 2009 
Cooperslane Kennels Receives 
Arthur and District Chamber of Commerce 
'Eagle Award' 
  ... for Excellent Customer Service 

The award is presented yearly to a business within the community that shows outstanding customer and community service. 
Cooperslane was not only recognized for their customer service but was also praised on their work with four different Service Dog Organizations. 

"The Chamber of Commerce feels these services are an important contributions in building our area's prosperity, social well-being and reputation.  The Chamber wants to recognize outstanding contributions in this regard amongst our own 
businesses and services. "

The award was presented to Brian and Valerie Cooper of Cooperslane Kennels
 by Pat Palmer, representing the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. 
Granddaughter, Kora-Lee with 'good ol' Echo'
We have done some training here at Cooperslane for the 'National Service Dogs'.  
"Cooper' wasTrained by National Service Dogs
Cooper and 'his best friend' Matthew.

..Noah, still helping with the pups years later
Our extended family members are great helpers with socializing the pups. 
Service Dog and Training Organizations We've Worked With 
Cooperslane Kennel

Breeding Labrador Retrievers to be companions first
Lewis was a great helper at the kennel for a few years. Each week, he would come out and brush the dogs. All the dogs, especially Max, LOVED him. 
'Samson' and his owner, Jacqueline Gori, being honoured in 2017 at the "Canada 150 Award Celebration" being  awarded a medal for one of the Top 150 people in Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo for their Service dog work.
Samson is from Bauer and Katja.
Jennifer is our niece and she owns and operates Cooperslane Kennels with us. Jennifer is an avid animal lover and is passionate about breeding Labrador Retrievers to be excellent family companions and service dogs. 

Jennifer has a background in psychology and has worked with children and adults with autism in many different settings. Jennifer started working with and training dogs when she volunteered in an animal shelter in Pittsburgh PA. There she also volunteered with a therapy dog program taking dogs for community therapy visits. 

Here at Cooperslane Jennifer gets to combine all of her passions working with our puppy families and all our wonderful labs:)
"Wee Wild Wilma" - one of Jennifer's first breeding girls
Jennifer and Dillon out for a walk
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"Camper" (from Ariel and Palmer) is a working service dog and was trained by Wade Beattie at Canine Support Services. 
Canine Support Services trains service dogs to work with individuals with any physical or mental disability who would beneift from a service dog. 
Jennifer and Sandy
Several of our dogs have trained with Doug at Working Paws. 
Doug works with privately owed dogs and trains them to be working service dogs to work with individuals with a variety of needs such as autism, PTSD, and medical alert
Erika Eden at Eden Dog Academy provides behavioural consultation, service dog training, and obedience training. Erika has trained several of our dogs to be psychiatric and medical alert service dogs