We breed mostly the 'English' style of lab but have several leaner looking females also.

 The English style being the shorter and thicker labs. 
Males mature around 85-90 pounds and females 65-75 pounds. 
Our Labs are laid back and easy-going dogs that are very smart and well socialized.

All health clearances and pedigrees are available for viewing when you visit.
Please note, these photos do NOT do justice to how pretty our girls are. 
Taking really good photos is obviously best left to the professionals!
Cooperslane Kennel

Breeding Labrador Retrievers to be companions first
Please note:  We only post the photos of the females (moms) that have litters now and also those that have been bred for upcoming litters in the near future.  Because we have SO many photos on our site updating weekly photos of each litter, we try and take off as many photos as we can so that it doesn't slow down the loading of our site. 

Also, we only breed our girls up to and including the age of five and then they are retired and living out their retirement with their foster/forever families.
Ireland and Mariah