This bitch (now referred to as 'dog') will reside with the Caregivers except when needed to travel to the Breeders for the purpose of breeding clearances and actual breedings, and commencing one week prior to whelping and approximately six to seven weeks following whelping. 

The Caregivers will keep the Breeders up to date on the development of the dog and inform the Breeders when the dog comes into heat each time.

As noted above, this dog will be returned to the Breeders 10 days to one week prior to whelping date and stay with the Breeders for six to seven weeks to raise the litter. Usual time period is only six weeks until the pups are weaned.

The Caregivers will keep this dog with full regard to her safety, health, mental well being, socialization and training needs and in such physical condition for breeding. This dog will not be tied up nor let run loose. When in heat, she will be kept safely on lead or at home to avoid unwanted matings. (Note: in some circumstances if the Caregiver feels more comfortable, the female will stay with the Breeder when she is having her 'rest' heat.)

This dog will not be bred until she is at least eighteen months of age and not after her sixth birthday.

If the Breeders decide, on the advice of the their veterinarian, future pregnancies will be harmful to the dog, the dog will be withdrawn from the breeding program. After being spayed, at the Caregivers 
expense, ownership will be transferred to the Caregivers. The transfer fees will be at the breeders expense.

During pregnancy, the Caregivers will follow all health instructions from the Breeders. If any additional vitamins or supplements are necessary they will be supplied at the Breeders expense.

The Breeders will insist on the dog being returned if it is learned she is allowed to run loose without
supervision; if she is accidentally bred; if the Caregivers fail to inform the Breeders of the dog's heat cycles; if the dog becomes so overweight that her health is at risk.

The Caregivers will not pay the Breeder for the dog.

All costs of routine care which includes: food, shelter, training, routine and emergency veterinary services, which includes any injuries sustained while under the Caregivers' care which includes stitches, ACL tears, etc.  will be the Caregivers. Any emergency veterinary services required while she's under the Breeders' care will be at the breeders' expense. We do require that the dog remain on the food that we are currently feeding. More information on this food, TLC pet food, can be viewed on a link from the ‘litters’ page on our website.

If the Caregivers decide to enter her to receive her title, cost of entry fee for CKC events including confirmation shows, obedience trials, WC/Hunt Test etc. will be shared between the Caregivers and the Breeders.

If the dog is lost or dies due to negligence while in the care of the foster family while she is still active in the breeding program, the foster family agrees to pay the breeder $2500 for the replacement of the dog to the breeding program.

Before a family will be considered for the program, the Breeders must meet all the members of the family
that will be living in the household.

If, for whatever reasons, the Caregivers can no longer care for the dog while she is in the breeding program, she is to be immediately returned to the Breeders.

If, at the Breeders discretion, the dog is removed from the Breeding Program, the dog may live permanently with the Caregivers on the condition that she is spayed at the Caregivers' expense and ownership will be transferred into the Caregivers names. Transfer of ownership fees will be at the Breeders expense.

After the dog has completed the breeding program outlined above, she will be spayed at the Caregivers expense and the Breeders will then transfer ownership of the dog into the Caregivers names.

We have a program at Cooperslane Kennel. 
 It's called the "Foster Home Program".

 We will place an adult breeding female in a selected foster home.   
The foster family must live within a reasonable driving distance from 
Cooperslane Kennel in Arthur, Ontario.

The foster family does not pay for the dog but agrees to follow certain conditions set out in our Caregive/Fostering Agreement (see contract below).
Once the female is finished in our breeding program, she is spayed and then lives permanently with the foster family.

For more information, contact us by Email 
or by phone (519) 848-6192
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Pete, along with his wife Betsy, fostered
 Dublin, Secret and Rhythm.
Devine, fostered by the Dewilde family, enjoying some fun time on the water.

We do not currently have any females ready to foster, but will later in the year.

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