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Brian and Valerie Cooper
and Jennifer Walsh
Arthur, Ontario
Quailty Labrador Retrievers for your family's enjoyment.
Our friendly and loving Labs are a welcomed addition to any home as devoted family pets.
..any owners of our dogs that would like to link through out site just let us know
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... owner of one of our dogs
- Marcia Leeder Photographer  ... animal photographer
- Photography, (Monique), family has one of our pups 
... Pamela Zmija Photography, family has one of our pups
... Brian's website for natural products for our pets
... Virginia, from Isagenix, has one of our pups
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* The Canadian Kennel Club
* The Labrador Owners Club
* The Ontario Chamber of Commerce
* Cdn. Assoc. of Professional Pet Dog Trainers
Cooperslane Kennel

Breeding Labrador Retrievers to be companions first
-   ...    Puppy Imprint Training    ....    Will do amazing Drawings and Painting of your dogs.
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