Labrador Retrievers are well-rounded dogs, popular not only as a house pet but also as hunting, working or show dog.

They are the perfect family dog or companion.

Labs are our most treasured companion due to their adaptability. The true Labrador Retriever temperament is one of a kindly, outgoing nature, eager to please and non-aggressive towards man or animal. 

They have much that is appealing as a family dog: gentle ways, intelligence and trainability. 

A Labrador is lively with a great zest for life with natural curiosity and playfulness. They are extremely affectionate, loving dogs who prefer to be near you. They are known for their friendly and reliable behavior with new faces. 

Unlike many breeds, Labs usually share a powerful love for all members of the family without singling out a favourite. They are gentle and easy-going and make natural guardians for children and become quite the buddy with them. 

They adapt well to a family with cats or other dogs. 

They require a great amount of attention, affection and a fair amount of exercise and playtime and they love to eat. 

Labs are easily trained and respond best to positive reinforcement for the desired behavior rather than punishment for the undesired behavior. The latter only causes them to be timid and fearful.

The Lab's coat is short and dense and easily maintained, basically dirt and water repellent and seldom becomes offensive. There is little shedding with only the undercoat lost once or twice yearly. Bathing is not a routine matter as it dries their skin and natural oils. 

'Moose and Georgia' and baby Liam

... and the loving side of labs. 
The working side of labs...
'Drake' and his first retrieve'

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Our grandson Mason, enjoying a cuddle

Wrigley and 'his' baby, Avery.