All of our males have also been tested free of genetic problems.  We have gone to great lengths to make sure that our boys have the very best temperment.  It's an added bonus that they are VERY handsome also.

All health clearances and pedigrees are available for viewing when you visit.
Information about dogs
Cooperslane Kennel ... Our Boys
...breeding Labrador Retrievers to be companions first

Loudon Kincaids Kudos to Daddy, call name, Kincaid
Cowboyup's Cooperslane Dawson

Beadog That's My Style
Belquest It's All or Nothin, call name, Dillon

Cowboyup's Bronson Cooperslane
Cooperslane Irish Stout Declan
Belquest Sawyer at Cooperslane
Cooperslane's Brigadier of Belquest, call name Briggs
Recently retired...
Belquest Conclusion The Sequel Rocks On, call name, Monroe
Whispering Pines Rusty Red

Whispering Pines Sir Reed

Cooperslane Wisconsin Red Walker of Dutch Acres

Whispering Pines Sir Birch