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Getting a puppy

from us

All of our puppies have a two year health guarantee on hips and elbows, five years on eyes and are sold on a non-breeding contracts. All of the parents’ health clearances are available for viewing when you visit.  We plan our breedings carefully, selecting only good quality, gentle tempered dogs who have been tested clear of genetic problems. 


We will provide assistance and support to new owners for the life of the dog. We care deeply for each and every puppy we produce and enjoy keeping in touch with the progress of each puppy.


It is extremely important to us that all our puppies go to loving forever homes and that our puppy families are able to make an informed decision about bringing home a puppy (puppies are A LOT of work). This is the process for getting a puppy from us:

  • Set up a virtual visit with Jennifer (we will send you a video tour to watch beforehand). Ideally, we like to meet all adults in the household.

  • Wait 24 hours after your visit to think about whether you and your family are ready for the commitment of a puppy and dog.

  • If you do want to go ahead with a reservation, email Jennifer and she will send you information about the deposit and placing a reservation.

  • Once you have made a reservation, you will be added to our waitlist. We take reservations for specific colors and sexes, but not for specific litters.

  • Once you are on our waitlist, we will contact you once a litter is born and we have a puppy available for you. We will provide weekly photos of that puppy’s litter for you to follow along as they develop.

  • We will arrange a visit with the litter at 5 weeks of age.

  • At 6 weeks, we will send you our temperament questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaire includes questions about your household, your experience with dogs, and what you are looking for in terms of temperament. At this time, you will also arrange a pick up date for your puppy.

  • At 7 weeks, we will complete a temperament test (Puppy Aptitude Test) with each puppy. We then match each puppy with a family based on the temperament questionnaire and the results of the temperament test.

  • At 8 weeks your puppy is ready to go home with you!


We feed TLC food and will send you home with information about feeding your puppy/dog.

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