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Service dogs

Over the years, many Cooperslane dogs have successfully trained and worked as service dogs for individuals with a variety of needs, including autism, PTSD, anxiety, mobility, and vision.


We currently work with several different organizations that provide trained service dogs to individuals who need them. 


We also work with private trainers who partner with families and individuals who wish to train their own service dog. We work with the trainers to select a puppy that we believe to be the best fit for the individual and that has the best potential to be a successful service dog.

Click or tap on the logos below to learn more about some of the organizations we work with.

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Many Cooperslane dogs have been trained by Wade Beattie at Canine Support Services. Canine Support Services trains service dogs to work with individuals with any physical or mental disability who would benefit from a service dog.

Partners with Paws is a CRA registered charity specializing in psychiatric and facility service dogs with no cost to the handlers. They offer two services, fully trained or owner-trained. 


Erika Eden at Eden Dog Academy provides behavioural consultation, service dog training, and obedience training. Erika has trained several of our dogs to be psychiatric and medical alert service dogs

Working Paws Service Dog Training

Several of our dogs have trained with Doug Chivas at Working Paws. Doug works with privately owned dogs and trains them to be working service dogs to work with individuals with a variety of needs such as autism, PTSD, and medical alert.

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