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our boys

We are very particular about the males we select for our breeding program. Our handsome males all have their own unique personalities but all are excellent examples of the Labrador Retriever breed - gentle disposition, intelligent, always ready to join us in our activities on the farm, eager to please and wonderful companions. Our males are cleared of common genetic problems. 


Full grown male Labrador Retrievers are typically 60-75lbs and 22.5 to 24.5 in in height.

our girls

We select our females for our breeding program from our own litters. We choose females with calm, gentle personalities, ideal for service dogs and family companions. Our females are cleared of common genetic problems.  We have a foster program for our females. They live with their foster families and come back to us when they are in season and to have their puppies. When they retire from the breeding program, they go to live with their foster families full-time. 


Full grown female Labrador Retrievers are typically 55-70lbs and 21.5 to 23.5 in in height.


Please note that the females shown below are our females who currently have litters or will have litters in the near future.

The fostering


It's called the "Foster Home Program".


We will place an adult breeding female in a selected foster home. The foster family must live within a reasonable driving distance from Cooperslane Kennel in Arthur, Ontario.


The foster family does not pay for the dog but agrees to follow certain conditions set out in our Caregiver/Fostering Agreement (see contract below). Once the female is finished in our breeding program, she is spayed and then lives permanently with the foster family.

Click below to read our fostering contract:


Devine, fostered by the Dewilde family, enjoying some fun time on the water.

Pete, along with his wife Betsy, fostered

 Dublin, Secret and Rhythm.

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